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Shot Peening Success Stories

Shot peening has proven its effectiveness in many industries on various components. The components consist of a large array of sizes, geometries, and materials. To learn about the success and effects of shot peening in specific applications, click on one of the links below.

Aerospace Shot Peening Successes

Automotive Shot Peening Successes

Metal components of the automotive industry benefit from surface technology success, using shot peening which extends service life and enhances performance.

Chemical & Petrochemical Shot Peening Successes

Shot peening equipment that handles chemicals can prevent stress corrosion cracking due to exposure to the chemicals. Extended life in components and systems handling the chemicals benefit from surface technology improvements.

Metal Finishing & Miscellaneous Shot Peening Successes

Certain metals benefit from surface technology succes by shot peening. Therefore components made of those metals are able to withstand fatigue, corrosion cracking, and a variety of other failure mechanisms.

Shot Peening & Modifying Finish Successes

When surfaces of production or transporting equipment are treated with shot peening, there is a phsyical change that results in a benefit to that production or transportation. An example of such surface technology success is a lower coefficient of sliding friction.

Turbomachinery & Power Generation Successes

The dovetail root of turbomachinery blades is subject to fretting, shot peening is used to prevent fretting failures by treating the surfaces of the blades. Shot peening application allows for greater product resiliency and lifespan.

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