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News Release
Nov 11, 2020

Curtiss-Wright Recognized as a Whitford Recommended Coater

Curtiss-Wright’s Surface Technologies Division, a leading global provider of highly engineered surface treatments and analytical services, announced that its Lombard, IL location is recognized as a Whitford Recommended Coater.

The Whitford Recommended Coater program recognizes custom coaters who meet certain criteria. Among the standards that need to be met are: 

  • Knowledge of Whitford coatings and experience in applying them
  • Completion of a Whitford training course held at the Whitford Worldwide headquarters
  • Solid quality assurance procedures must be in place

Whitford is well known for their varied line of Xylan high-performance fluoropolymer coatings. These functional coatings are a matrix of high-temperature organic polymers and organic or inorganic, dry-film lubricants that are formulated to provide unique and desirable properties. They can “work” under heavy loads, at high-temperatures, in chemical and corrosive environments, and in almost any combination thereof. Examples of common Xylan coatings include:

Xylan 1010
A low-friction coating, Xylan 1010 has excellent chemical resistance. It is also NSF-61 approved and as such can be used with potable water applications.

Xylan 1014
With more bonding resin than the Xylan 1010, Xylan 1014 has a harder, more abrasion resistant finish that is glossier and less porous.

Xylan 5230
A chrome-free coating that is RoHS compliant, Xylan 5230 is specified by the auto industry for the protection of components from corrosion caused by road salt, acid rain, and other forms of environmental corrosion.

Xylan 5251
Similar to 5230 in regards to corrosion protection, Xylan 5251 Silver is primarily used for fasteners.

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